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Krabi International Airport (KBV)

Krabi International Airport (KBV)

Krabi Airport Built during World War II. The people in Krabi province known as "Kuan Yai Airport" are dirtier airports on low hills.

          In 1983, the private sector and the municipality of Krabi jointly invested in the construction of Krabi Airport at the North Nua Canal, which was completed in 1986. Saha-Alai Company Limited (Bangkok Aviation Company) Currently, BANDEIRANTE EMB110 P2 is used for 18 seats. Passenger - Bangkok - Krabi - Bangkok. The inaugural flight was on 15 June 1986, but was unsuccessful. After flying for about 3 months, the Department of Aviation conducts additional land acquisition and airport upgrades. The construction of FY 1993 was completed and the official opening of the airport was held on July 10, 1999, with many passengers arriving at Krabi Airport. The second terminal was completed in 2005 and the parking lot has been expanded. In order to be able to park four aircraft at the same time.

          Because of Krabi Airport. Increased traffic volume. The facilities provided are not sufficient. The Department of Civil Aviation has developed Krabi Airport. By upgrading old passenger terminals to international terminals, the existing passenger terminals have been installed. The connection between the building. Spacing of the aircraft deck to accommodate four large aircraft (B747) and six small aircraft (B737) at the same time.

          Currently, there are domestic and international airlines, including Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Bangkok-Krabi-Bangkok route. Bangkok - Krabi - Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur - Krabi - Kuala Lumpur and Thai Tiger Air. Singapore - Krabi - Singapore

At present, Krabi Airport is able to accommodate the maximum size aircraft up to Boeing B747 or Airbus A340.